Credit Where Credit Is Due - 7/11/06
Responding to two emails about yesterday's Top Ten States Post...

Indeed, although our LA 4th of July discussion on the topic influenced me to actually write about, the subject was first introduced in San Francisco with friend Rachel and company, over three bottles of Reisling. That was where Vermont was first added to the list over Illinois, but in hindsight I think it was because we were all drunk.

Additionally, my friend Greg makes a strong case for Michigan... Although I'm not sure I agree enough to place it in the top 10, it certainly would make a good number 11. Maybe like a reserve state or something. Here is his email:

Honestly, is there really a better state of all around good people, beautiful scenery, water, mountains (albeit small and up north), everything a person could ask for? I think not. Never-mind the fact that without Michigan and the auto industry of Detroit, in all honesty, we probably would have lost, or at the very least had a much worse time of it, in WWI and WWII because more than 70% of the military hardware came from converted car manufacturing plants in Detroit, MI. So you see, without Michigan, the US would have fallen to Hitler and you’d be in a concentration camp! Well, you probably wouldn’t even be here because your parents would have been put in a concentration camp and you never would have been conceived. You ungrateful bastard.


Greg also provides a solid joke about Michigan, to further buttress his point. Read it here.

It's true: A) I'm an ungrateful bastard, and B) LA and most of the rest of California wouldn't be the sprawling suburb it is without cars. Although by that reasoning, Greg, we should make Japan a state (state bird: the Prius) over Michigan.



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