The Next Evolution of the Romance Novel - 11/23/07
As many of you know, I love Romance Novels. Not to read them, of course (though I have read one) - but because they're such ridiculous pieces of literature. Where else can you get the words "brawny" and "heaving" in the same sentence?

I was at the local library the other day when I passed, not so coincidentally, through the Romance Novel section... and discovered the next evolution of Romance Novels.

I don't even know what this means.

The term "Harlequin romance novel" orginally referred to a particular publisher, Harlequin, which came to be known for its especially steamy and tawdry books. You know, the kind with brawny, heaving bare-chested men on the covers. Slowly, the term broadened to simply refer to any cheesy, insipid novel.

What "Harlequin Super Romance" means, however... I can only speculate.

Are these just regular Romance Novels, only super saucy? The titles, such as "The Prodigal Texan" and "Sweet Mercy" don't strongly suggest this.

Or do the throbbing, barrel-chested cowboys and sultry, porcelain-skinned heroines within... have super powers?

Either way, I'm excited to dig into the one I checked out, and discover for myself.



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