Patriotic Pattern Recognition - 7/19/06
A guy Saul I know said he was looking at the site the other day and noticed something interesting. Here are the pictures of our 4th of July Ultimate Beerpong game, and the mattresses we left outside on the curb to be hauled away a couple days before the 4th.

Notice anything?

Here's a hint: thing colors. Look closer.

Apparently, our mattress-giveaway was more patriotic than we'd intended? The white sidewalk, the red curb and brick, and the red, white and blue mattress/box spring?

I dunno. Saul might have been smoking something. Or perhaps he just thinks on a higher plane than the rest of us.

I do like that the blue tip bucket would be the accidental frosting on the cake. At least until somebody raped America and replaced it with a beige shopping cart.

Now what does THAT say about America?



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