Caste Party - 7/20/06
This past weekend, I approached the check-out isle at our local Vons with the following three items:
  • Nine 40's
  • Three bags of ice
  • One box of Bruschetta
Why, you ask? What motivate my purchase of possibly the world's most pretentious food item (except maybe caviar), along with possibly the most base, separated only by 15 pounds of frozen water?

Why, our first annual Caste Party, that's what!

Billed as "no, not like a high school theatre party, though there will be plenty of spiked punch and awkward making out in closets. Caste with an 'e', as in social tiers. Like they have in India and such places," it featured the following rooms:

Room 1: Champagne, wine, quiche, bruchetta, classical music, dressed up people.
Room 2: Mixed drinks, chips, veggies, 90's rock, normal dressed people.
Room 3: 40's, kegs, rap, pork rinds (the additive inverse of bruchetta; the additive inverse of caviar would be excrement), thugs.

Twas good party. Here are representatives from the latter two rooms. Note the housewives' perfectly-baked apple pie.

Gabe, Josh, and Reggie Vanessa, and Jesslyn

And here are the rampant housewives, gone wild at the Shell Station near our house.

What fun.



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