Website Reconstruction - 7/27/06
A little behind-the-scenes revamping is long overdue on the Pond, so for a week or two I'll be doing new posts on my secondary blog,

Yes, I know. MySpace. I finally gave in. Even though I swore I would never join Myspace, here are my explanations:

- I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
- Since we're launching a massive web-entertainment site this fall, it couldn't hurt to study/be a part of something related. Maybe MySpace will even inspire us.
- I only like to be a part of cool trends when I can be like a year behind them, and thus, not actually be cool at all.
- I'm the biggest hypocrite ever.

In my defense, I did say my main reason for not doing MySpace was that, being competitive and over-ambitious by nature, I'd have to have the grandest, most thorough profile out there. And although I doubt it's that, it ain't terrible either. I've vowed to post a new picture every day for two month. I've also started posting daily chapters (don't worry - they're short) of the book (read: collection of humor essays) I'm writing about my 48-state roadtrip.

Plus you get to listen to Tenacious D. And that's always good.



I wrote a book!

My ridiculous quest to roadtrip to all 48 contiguous states in 48 days.
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