Back - 8/1/06
OK, I'm back. Confession 1) Website reconstruction was only part of the reason for my posting hiatus; I was also at my cabin in northern Minnesota where web access is limited to tenuous MySpace browsing. Confession 2) I didn't really get much of the web reconstruction done - thus, the site looks the same. I think I can fix the rest of it without crashing though.

Cabin Trip '06 was both very relaxing and very physically uncomfortable, as 100-degree heat and a Mayfly plague of Biblical proportions choke us Thursday and Friday until an epic windstorm (also of Biblical proportions) blew them all the way back to Egypt. For the record, Mayflies are probably the dumbest of all insects; they're too stupid to move when you slap them or even to bite you - they just fly into your eyes and die most of the time, or swarm onto your pillow when you're about to lay your head down. Gross.

Aforementioned wind storm provided probably the oddest moment of the weekend. Saturday at 3am, we were all awoken by insane 30 mph winds screaming in the windows and blowing everything off the tables - beer cans, beer cups, and yes, beer bottles. As we danced nimbly around broken glass, we suddenly realized that three of our party - Genya, Jeff, and Sarah - had been outside in tents through all this, and now they came sprinting in, shrieking to beat the wind. All were in various states of undress, but Sarah had it the worst; clad only in bottoms when she woke to her tent being shaken like a rag doll, she grabbed the only thing she could find to cover herself with - her English Setter, Sadie. So in she sprinted from the wind, clothed only in panties and a dog. For a moment I forgot that I was standing in broken glass.

In the morning we took stock of our losses from the storm: two beach towels, five beer bottles, an inflatable water mattress, and Sadie's innocence.



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