Kicked Out - 8/9/06
Yes, for those who inquired from yesterday, I managed to get kicked out of wedding reception. Here's why I'm OK with it:

- I got past two hotel bouncers and nearly had my twelve pack of Bud Light slipped under a table before the third one caught me. So I was thaaaaat close.

- It was the wedding of Brian - a guy who once threw a whole chicken wing at a waitress because he thought her face looked like a horse (I know, didn't make any sense to us, either). So getting kicked out of his wedding reception is kind of an achievement. It's like stealing the show from the audience at a Cher concert.

- And technically, the bouncer gave me the option of being kicked out, or forfeiting my beer. It was an obvious choice.

- I snuck back in five minutes later, anyway.

But yes, I did technically get kicked out of a wedding reception. Even thought I was probably only the 90th drunkest person there.



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