Timeline O' Jobs - 8/10/06
It's almost my three-year anniversary in LA.

No need to get sentimental; I'll simply commemorate the occasion with a lovely timeline of jobs I've had since I've lived here.

I'll miss them all. Except writing the math textbook - it really sucked staying all night making coordinate plane graphs in Photoshop.

Now, I move onto a new venture, something involving writing, comedy, andů dare I say itů getting paid for it. We'll see where things go.

In the meantime, I am barely employed right now, other than a few high school tutoring kids who managed to fail math last year and are taking it over the summer. But SAT season begins again next week, both for my own company and as a contractor for a local Korean company whose slogan is the grammatically-questionable "Not even sky is the limit".

Apparently, they need help with the new SAT grammar section.



I wrote a book!

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