Celebrity Sighting... - 8/14/06
...or it would have been, if I recognized celebrities.

I was at my friend Orion's concert last week and we saw the black guy from 'My Name Is Earl'. You know, Crabman.

This is how bad I am about recognizing celebrities. He walked right by us at least three or four times, like one foot away from me, wearing exactly the same hairdo as he has in the show, with exactly the same goatee. In fact the only thing that made him look different at all was he wasn't wearing a wife-beater. And yet I didn't even recognize him. And I watch the show. It was kind of like this:


Is it that I don't care about celebrities? That might be part of it - I definitely don't, although I like that show and think the guy's a good actor. It also my inability to really recognize anyone in a crowded setting. I'm just not that good with faces. Or names. Is that weird?

Or maybe it was the five vodka tonics I'd just drank. It's hard to say.



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