Snakes on a Plane - 8/16/06
At risk of adding to the already ridiculous "Snakes on a Plane" hype... I kinda love all the hype. Like the kind of hype that led to Samuel L. Jackson leaving this message on my cell phone:


For anyone who's been on Mars, a while back a production company bought the rights to a screenplay called "Snakes On a Plane". Samuel L. Jackson immediately signed on, because apparently he wanted to be a part of the action movie with the stupidest title of all time. The internet found out, and began mocking the movie incessantly, including a trailer where somebody pretending to be Samuel L. yells "Get these motherf*cking snakes off my motherf*cking plane!" a line which wasn't in the movie at the time but clearly should have been. The production company finally realized what they had done and tried to change the titlet, but Samuel L. would have none of it. So the producers had no choice but to try and make the movie so bad it became good again, and re-shot some of it to add something like the "…motherf*cking snakes!" line.

Yes, I realize Samuel L. Jackson didn't actually call my cell phone. In fact, I think it might be illegal to telemarket/advertise to cell phones. But I don't care. I just love that Samuel L. Jackson felt the need to record this message about Snakes on a Plane to send around to people. Plus it fuels my little fantasy that Samuel L. might someday actually call me and yell at me for something unimportant.

I probably still won't see the movie, but if I do, I'll give credit to Samuel L. Jackson and his faith in a hilariously terrible action movie. Also, if I go see the movie, I definitely won't be sober.



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