Drunk at Wedding - 8/21/06
My friend Sarah got married Saturday, so I flew back to Minnesota to attend the wedding. My parents were also invited, so together we drove to the lovely ceremony and the following reception.

At the wedding my high school friends and I took full advantage of the full bar. I believe I set about finding out how many vodka tonics I could drink. The answer is twelve. Plus wine with dinner, champagne, beers after, etc.

Needless to say I enjoyed myself thoroughly. When the pizza guy came to our hotel room after the reception, I threw 20 dollars at him and told him he did an awesome job bringing our pizza. I also drunkenly told my mother that she was the greatest mother known to man, and that other mothers should aspire to be like her.

Munificent and gushy - I guess there are worse things to be after twelve vodka tonics.



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