Representative Places - 8/24/06
Nobody has yet challenged my assertion that the DMV is the most accurate cross-section of humanity (though several challenged my typo that CA's blood-alcohol limit was .10; it's .08) so I'm going to assume that I'm right. Except that there aren't any children there, but whatever. Who cares about children?

Here are some other possible representative Los Angeles places, and why they would be good or bad:

Everybody flies, right? Oh yeah, except poor people.

Baseball Game
Sure, some people don't like sports or can't afford tickets, but with reasonably priced Dodger's outfield tickets, and the additional draw of a delicious Dodger Dog, what walk of life wouldn't want to check out an evening game?

No way. They're free, but who goes to libraries anymore? Besides homeless people, and me, I mean.

It's affordable, it's stylish, it's not Walmart. Or maybe I'm just biased towards Target since we're both from Minnesota.

Grocery Store
This might be the best one, actually. Maybe a nice Ralph's in a racially-balanced area, like Torrance or Culver City. Everybody has to buy food, right? Steak for people with too much money - Ramen Noodles for people with too little. And me, because Ramen Noodles are awesome. The only people who never set foot in a Ralph's are the super rich (like 1% of the population), and people too pretentious for regular grocery stores, shopping at haughty places like Whole Foods instead. And who cares about those people?

Of course, the most representative place would be a government-constructed bunker inside of a mountain, built to shield one million randomly-selected people from an approaching meteor... but hey. We can't always get what we want.



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