Top 10 Modifications I'd Make To The Spacemobile - 11/26/04
10) Gun turret (shout out to Back to the Future)
9) Smaller Volkswagen to ride around inside of it (shout out to the Spacemobaby)
8) Forklift in the front so I can move slower cars out of the way on the 405
7) Big cushy inflatable bumper on the front so I can gently nudge pedestrians without really hurting them
6) 8-inch turquoise dubs
5) 14-inch monkey butler to double as mechanic and in-flight steward, serving me Sprite and peanuts while I drive.
4) To have the 3-note "La Cucaracha" alert that plays when I leave the keys in the ignition replaced by a MIDI version of Sisqo's Thong Song.
3) To have the Tourette's horn replaced by a fog horn, which shatters auto-glass in a deafening blast whenever I lay on it.
2) For the goddamn thing to actually work right.
1) Queen sized bed in the back, curtains and screens for the windows, kickin' German audio systemů oh wait, it already has these.

As you can see, the Spacemobile is already way too pimp for Pimp My Ride



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