Guest Post - 11/22/04
It's been at least three hours since I posted, I figured why not keep things coming with a guest post? As proof that I'm not just making up the stuff that goes on around here... here's Brian. Reader discretion... is much less advised than when I usually write.

Paul agreed to my cameo and so it begins. I foresee this as an Alternative Month in Review, but I also think Eazy-E was straight and Magic Johnson was paid by ďAIDSĒ to say he has HIV, so my views arenít always widely shared. I digress Ö November started off on a high note with me making it to the polls and voting; I voted, I didnít die... DDR entered our lives. Paulís right, he is the worst. I think he beat a paraplegic the other day, but does that really count? I swear DDR is cool, no really, I promiseÖ Joining has been a highlight. Although Iím not sure if regaining contact with old friends or finding the chick with the biggest tits EVER has been more satisfying. On the one hand itís nice to know what people, who used to be a big part of your life, are doing with their lives, alternatively they really are the biggest tits EVERÖSo I got kicked out of my first bar in the South Bay. I think the 702Crew was unaware of how much Iíd actually drank prior to arriving, or I might have been sent to detoxify. Apparently it was a good idea for me to flick a girl repeatedly in the face and then tell the bouncer that if "you keep acting like a bitch, Iím gonna talk to you like a bitchĒ. Really Iím not surprised at my actions, but am surprised itís been three months since Iíve been thrown out of a barÖ By the way, Iím not sure who, if anybody, actually calls us the 702Crew. I THINK it might be Paul, and I THINK I like itÖ Right now Iím signing up to be a prisoner pen pal. Not quite sure what to expect or how this works, but it does seem like a good idea. Iím sure Paul will keep you updated. He seems just as excited as I am at the prospect of having a convict writing letters to our houseÖ Oh, Iím going on a date with Gabe, actually her name is Nicole, but 14 nicknames later she's known as GabeÖ Happy Thanksgiving punk bitchesÖ Skeet ya next month.

Who knew Brian would get his post up quicker than JD or Gabe?



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