Highest-Paid Security Guard EVER - 11/27/04
My apologies for now posting as punctually as I've wanted to recently - I've been extremely tied up writing this Pre-Algebra textbook. On the plus side, it's making me enough money that I won't have to work during December or January if I don't want. I also set a new record for most money made during a single security shift last night.

Churning out two and a half Pre-Alg chapters in eight hours, I managed to make $137 per completed lesson, plus $55 for the half-lessonů coming to $229. Oh, plus the $60 I get from the security people just for sitting there. So that's $289 between 11pm and 7amů minus a dollar for the three Mountain Dews it took to get me through the night.

Who knew I could make $35 an hour being a security guard? I don't even have a gun or a flashlight.

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