Yankee Doodles - 11/19/04
Rallied on 4 hours sleep Saturday morning to make it up to Yankee Doodle's in Santa Monica for the 9am Northwestern football game. A few surprising things:

- Despite it being 8:15 am on a Saturday, there was a traffic jam on the 405. Maybe I should stop being surprised by this.

- With appearances by Sam, Gabe, Treem, Revan, Jodi, Jeremy 1, April and others, there were far more NU fans at the bar than Michigan fans, though their fan base out-numbers ours at least 5 to 1.

- Maybe this was because the bar was half taken over by a party for the Amherst vs. Williams game going on downstairs. Now there's a match-up for the ages. We're talking Achilles vs. Hector here. Ali vs. Frasier. Roe vs. Wade. Sam and Gabe went downstairs at halftime to scope all the hot Amherst chicks. They were back in three minutes. Sam did manage to sign me up for the Williams alumni clubs, however - Paul Jury, Arts and Sciences '79, will now be receiving alumni solicitations and invitations for future Amherst vs. Williams games.

- Northwestern lost. The score was also ratio of about 5 to 1. Maybe I should stop being surprised by this, too.

Go 'Cats.



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