DDR - 11/16/04
A revolution has broken out at 702 Paulina… a Dance Dance Revolution, that is.

The newest craze in Redondo Beach has taken the form of two rhythm pads, a Playstation disc, and a whole lot of gettin' down. It's like the old Nintendo Power Pad, except the game is much less crappy. It's like Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade, except not being monopolized by some mad skilled Asian guy. It's great exercise, great fun, and great music. And it's taken our living room by storm.

The current order of DDR skill at our house is as follows:
1) Brian
2) Noah
3) Kolleen
4) Anyone else who comes over
5) Paul

Not surprisingly, this is also the order of who spends the most time on DDR. And I'm optimistic - last year I was initially low-dog in ping-pong too, before rocketing up to second place, and eventually becoming champ once Sam moved out.

Here are some pictures...

...climaxing in a video

Yes, that's Kolleen swearing. Can ya feel the beat?



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