East Coast Trip - 11/15/04
I was gone this weekend, on a whirlwind tour of the East Coast to watch my brother Alex play football and visit my family since I won't be going home for Thanksgiving. The primary purpose of the trip was the football - Alex is a Junior Offensive Lineman at Brown, and their Saturday game against the Yale Pompous Yuppies was one my last chances to watch him smash some mouths this year. But the activities reached beyond just civilized football watching, of course. They usually do when the Implement of Destruction (all three Jury brothers reunited) is involved.

The events of the weekend (pictures to follow):
Thursday Day - Beers with college friend Pat at a scary bar called The Slaughtered Lamb that had a decaying skeleton seated at one table like a ghoulish Ronald McDonald.
Thursday Night - Went out to one of the five bars on Mark's block and played drinking Connect-Four with the parents.
Friday Day - Explored the subways of Manhattan to meet up with college friend Dan for Chipotle. Saw a homeless guy with a sign that said "Tell Me Off for $2.00". Did not have $2.00.
Friday Night - Saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway.
Friday Night - Played Beer-Pong at a bar off-Broadway.
Saturday Morning - Early - Drove from New York to Rhode Island for the football game. Slept all the way through Connecticut.
Saturday Afternoon - Watched Brown becrumple Yale 24-17 and accompanying "smashing of mouths."
Saturday Evening - Celebratory dinner. I got a fat Martini with a glowing ice-cube in it. They let me keep the ice cube.
Saturday Night - Celebratory Beer-Pong and Implement-Romp through Providence. At an apartment party, Alex kicked a door down at the request of a girl who'd locked herself out of her room. First time the Implement's destruction has actually been condoned.
Sunday Morning - Ass Early - Drove back to New York for my plane back to LA. Again slept all the way through Connecticut.



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