Statue Add-On - 11/7/04
After reviewing the proposed Jury Brothers statue to go outside Folwell, Gabe was supportive but raised a good point - Mark summoning clouds is a rather difficult thing to express in bronze or marble. Composition aside (a giant stone cloud would probably just look like Mark had a huge rock where his hand should be), the cloud-summoning raises a territorial issue as well: since I am holding a lightning bolt, does this mean that we're both in charge of the sky? The heavens are vast, sure, but no celestial realm is big enough for two Jurys.

Perhaps Mark summoning something else would better maintain the balance of power. Since I don't have time and I only have one good drawing in me per year anyway, I'll have to help illustrate the following alternatives with images I've stolen from the internet. Click on each for its picture.

- Mark summoning the universe (possible accomplished with some kind of science-project-esque mobile):

- Mark summoning a giant vulture

- Mark summoning a large tasty bucket of KFC chicken.

- Mark summoning Scottie Pippen

- Mark summoning a statue of Mark summoning a statue of Mark summoning… (This could go on for .

Now THAT'S hard to express with just marble and stone.



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