Statue - 11/4/04
By the way, the brothers and I decided this weekend that once we all get big time, we're going to donate a huge sum of money to the Junior High we all went to in Minneapolis, on the condition that they build us a statue. The other condition: we get to design the statue.

Folwell Middle School is one of the rougher 6-8's in Minneapolis; the three of us being probably three of the first alumni to go to college, much less Northwestern, MIT and Brown. So if they want half a million bucks, they're going to have to put up with an audacious statue in their front courtyard. And by audacious, I mean awesome.

In this statue, the three of us will be chiseled out of bronze or marble, I will be angrily throwing a lightning bolt at someone, Mark will be summoning the clouds, and Alex will be holding the Earth on his shoulders. It's all very Greek.

Here's a crude artists' rendition.

I told you it was crude. The kids'll love it though.



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