Anticipation - 12/19/04
Saturday is my birthday. Also on Saturday, great friend and musical writing partner Sean Wesche comes to down. The plan for the day is to go surfing, hang out with writer friend Jess and work on the musical weíre all working on (while drinking beers), go out to dinner with all my friends, then go party our brains out at someone elseís house, which weíre commandeering for the night. Early reports have it contending for one the top 5 days, ever.

Donít have much to write about the day so far, since it hasnít happened yet, but we do need a piano. Sean is a ridiculous pianist, and besides needing it for the musical, Iíve always had this pathetic dream of him playing at a classy cocktail party when heís in town. But we donít have a piano, and donít know where to get one. So our plan is to buy an expensive keyboard, play it in the afternoon, play it at the party, and then return it the next day. I mean, what could go wrong?

Itís such a good plan. I canít wait for this weekend.



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