Comments on Photoshop Challenge #3 - 12/10/04
Things people have pointed out/I think are funny about the picture-doctoring binge from the other day…

Noah's mic is plugged into a cooler. Also, the two Noahs have the exact same expression, and seem to be leaning towards one another, like loving brothers… except that one of them is shirtless, and singing Karaoke.
Chewbacca looks like he has to urinate.
Not a single mention was made in any of the pictures about the cake with lit candles in the foreground. That's because four of us are having birthdays this month - the four being Brian, Noah, myself, and Jesus.
Speaking of Jesus, I love that he's holding a baby lamb. Like he's about to put it in our 1940's oven.

By the way, here's a closer shot of Brian and Noah with a less-cartoony Jesus.

The joke's on them - they're Jewish.

But, then again, so was Jesus.



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