Everything Comin' Up Roses - 12/13/04
Birthday weekend… no work to be done… Wesche in town… sounds like a recipe for monkeyshines.

Some highlights:

- Sam, eating an entire gift basket, then three whole limes, then a paper towel roll. Then screaming at me. I'm not even going to begin going into why this happened.

- Wesh and I, trying to walk through the Carl's Junior drive-thru at 3 in the morning. Unsuccessfully. I don't think this has ever worked, actually. But then two Asian guys let us climb in the back of their car. They were awesome.

- Us, buying a top-of-the-line keyboard from Guitar Center on my credit card for the purposes of playing it for the day then taking it back. Best $2,000 purchase I've ever made and then returned the next day.

- Wesh, making friends and laying down an Ozzie Ozbourne track at Guitar Center with some random guy he met there. They're gonna jam together next time Sean's in LA.

- Brian, making me a giant birthday hoagie. It was so goddamn good.

- Me, simultaneously drinking a beer and a milkshake at Chili's. Individually, so good. Together, so horrible.

- My dinner birthday song getting upstaged by some guy proposing to his girlfriend.
WAITRESS: Your milkshake will be right over… somebody just proposed!
SAM: At Chili's!?!?
(Waitress punches him)

- Treem, being my rib agent, negotiating with the waiter for me as to "how I could get the most ribs for the cheapest price." We ended up going with the 3-dish combo of ribs, ribs and mashed potatoes. For some reason I wasn't allowed to get a third ribs.

- At the party, Tiff and Kim giving me my 25 birthday spankings, the 23rd of which being punctuated by Brian running from across the room and punching me as hard as he can in the genitals. I was on the ground for 15 minutes. Wait, that wasn't a highlight.

Oh well, on to the pictures!



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