Supersecurity - 12/16/04
Iíve been putting in some more time at Security recently, what with the holiday season vacations and my needing a quiet place to work at night and not having anything better to do. Plus with the firings and quittings that invariably go along with the security business, Iíve really been putting in the hours. Maybe Iíll get in on some of that Christmas bonus money.

I even worked a couple of weekend overnights during Thanksgiving weekend, which brought back nostalgic memories of when I used to work weekends all the time back at the copy machine factory. I must admit, as much as I hated having my social life decimated, thereís something comforting about the absolute quiet of watching the sun come up from an office building at 5:30 am on a Saturday. And talk about not having to do anythingÖ Saturday night after Thanksgiving I donít think I took my eyes off my laptop except for 15 minutes when I closed them to take a nap. Also, Saturday and Sunday mornings between 3 and 8am are the only times of the week you can guaranteed fly on the 405. Unless of course thereís an accident.



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