Catching Up - 12/27/04
OK, so posting times and topics have been a bit inconsistent the past two weeks… primarily because I’ve been out of town for most of it. First there was the ski trip and my accompanying sickness, and then a week in Minneapolis to spend Christmas with my family. And now our internet is down. Bear with me here, I’ll get caught up and wrapped up by New Year’s.

Not much news from Minnesota, other than a good, relaxed holiday with the rest of the Jurys. In the tradition of our giving our cousins money in some creative way during the gift exchange, we did come up with a couple notable ideas: For our cousin Kate we used a bunch of five-dollar bills as wrapping and coated a box containing just a crumpled up wad of wrapping paper. The card was another bill with our names written on it. For our cousin Brennan, who recently became engaged, we wrapped a 50 into a ring shape, but it in a jewelry box, and proceeded to re-enact his proposal to him. He found it funny but was visibly disturbed at having to hold three guys’ hands for so long.

Getting back to L.A., I got a writing morale boost courtesy of CBS and everybody’s favorite show, The Family Guy. I know I never write about my writing career, but it was kind of a cool holiday fillip. I got into this TV script finishing workshop starting in the new year – no big deal, but I had to drop off some copies of the Family Guy spec I’d written at CBS so the other people in the program could read them. After I got through security (I gave them the special handshake), the girl behind the desk was absolutely thrilled to get the scripts. As if I’d actually written something somebody wanted to read. She took them and said she’d pass them on immediately, though she might thumb through them first. “Thanks,” I said. “No,” she replied. “Thank you.”

She probably didn’t know that all the scripts were copies of the same episode. Or that the episode had been written by me. Still, I left smiling.



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