10 Awesomely Strange Google Trends - 5/4/09
In case you live in a cave, Google Trends is a tool that charts how often something
is being searched for over a timeline, revealing any interesting spikes in its popularity. For instance, nobody searched for 'Iphone' before 2006, then suddenly searching goes through the roof when the Spawn of Satan product was announced and then released.

On the other hand, people have been diligently searching for 'funny babies' ever since the dawn of time... except for a period in 2004 when apparently nobody thought babies were funny.

Here are 10 Google Trend phenomena that I found awesomenly inexplicable.

1. Anal Fisting

My friend Brian showed me this, inspiring this post. What was it about January 2006 that had everybody suddenly thinking "I wanna go look up 'Anal Fisting' on the internet?" Was there a popular Japanese "art" picture on the topic? Was there a South Park Episode about it? Did President Bush accidentally slip the phrase into one of his speeches? Speculation abounds, though I'm sure January 2006 was a good month for whoever had sagaciously (and disturbingly) registered www.analfisting.com.


Every year a spike? But less so every year? A thread on reddit suggests that this is right around the time of Aids Awareness Month, in which case their advertising really works! It also suggests that people are getting sick of Aids Awareness month.

3. Bush Baby

I don't even know what this is. I must have been out of town during that one week right after New Year's in 2007.

4. Iphone Sucks

Curiously, closely following the spike in searches for "IPhone".

5. April Fools Jokes

This one makes sense. It also explains why we're so readily tricked, year after year.

6. Dildo, Vibrator


7. Dildo, Vibrator, Brokeback Mountain

...I think NOT!

8. Sparkling Wiggles

Off the hilarious Sparkling Wiggles video.

9. Cincinatti Bowtie

You don't want to know what this is. And if you do... well... Google it

10. Monster Pig

Again, I don't even know what this is. But then again, neither did anybody until a brief week in 2007.



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