NYG - 12/31/04
A great big post to end 2004. Two parts to it. The first: somewhat serious with points of wackiness. The second: somewhat wacky with points of extreme wackiness. Enjoy!

Many people use New Year's as an excuse to wait until the end of the year to set goals. As a goal-addict, I set goals year-round and use New Year's as an exciting excuse to set more goals.

At the beginning of this year I drafted this on the back of a bar receipt. I decided to go with a fiscal-quarters theme with my goals, though ironically having a fiscally-responsible year was not among them. If the meaning or handwriting isn't clear, my resolutions for 2004 were as follows:
Quarter 1 - Run a triathalon
Quarter 2 - Get representation (a writing agent)
Quarter 3 - Secure a third satisfactory group of friend here in LA, to compliment my friends from home and my friends from college
Quarter 4 - Get paid for writing

Fairly writing focused, since that's what I'm out here for, but with a twist of fun and sport for flavor.

Things started out great. By April, I'd run a triathalon and gotten a cool little 3rd place medal for it, too. I had an agent by February. By August I had three new roommates and a crapload of new friends.

Then things slowed down. My agent retired and moved to Chino... and neglected to tell me about it until I found out two weeks later from Jess. Easy come, easy go, I guess. And the "Money for Writing" thing proved to be harder than expected... or perhaps I should have expected it, since there are roughly 3 million people in this city trying to do the same thing.

But I carried on... finished a great, smart comedy with Sam, then moved onto a new, dumber comedy and a children's musical. Came up with an idea for an animated sitcom which may make its premiere on this website in 2005. Wrote 80% of a Pre-Algebra and an Algebra textbook, in which I managed to land one joke - about scalene triangles. Plus I made probably over 100 posts on this site.

And now that I sit here at the end of the year, I realize I've done it - technically at least. I had representation. It just didn't last very long. I got paid for writing. Granted, it was math, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere. I got paid for it very well, actually - I've got a nice little nest egg along with a nice little boost of spirit heading into the new year. Maybe I've been looking at this writing career thing from the wrong angle - it seems there's quite a market for scalene triangle jokes.

In any case, I'm calling the year a solid success - I got to write fun stuff and supported myself with no less than 10 each-fun-in-their-own-way jobs, while still managing to go on 8 tips and get drunk and go surfing all summer. My goals for next year are basically the same as this year (maybe a little more specific) - and isn't that the sign of achievement, when you still have the same goals as you did before? Or wait, maybe that's the sign of failure. Either way.



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