2004 - A Year's Best Pictures - 12/30/04
Everyone's always telling me they love it when I put pictures up on Paul's Pond. "You should put more pictures up!" they say. I like to think it's because of my keen photographic eye and incisive Photoshop skills; but it's probably because pictures are quicker and more fun to look at than big-ass blocks of text. Also, people are lazy. Not you, though. You're awesome.

The first thing I want to say is: Be reasonable, people! Iím not some kind of crazy photo-making machine that just clicks a button and makes pictures and sometimes flashes and is called a camera. Between sleeping and writing math textbooks for recalcitrant youths and morphing babies' heads while bored at security, I only have so much time. Words have to go on this site too, you know.

Being a writer and all, I like to write stuff, make fun of stuff, use big words that make me feel smart, etc. But indeed, I got nothing against pictures. They break stuff up. They're often fun to make. And a lot of the time they're funnier than the twaddle I usually write.

So to indulge your photographic sweet tooth (now that I've effectively numbed it with a big-ass block of text), here's a whole bunch of pictures to end 2004. They're not new, but they are great. And modest. In fact, some would argue (and by some I mean the title of this post) that they are 2004's best pictures.

- A picture of Brian, passed out on the ping-pong table. For one reason or another, I hadnít gotten around to posting this. I guess this is my excuse. - The X-ray of Eliaís broken finger from last year. Guess which finger is broken?
- From the Roadtrip, this one just never gets old. - From the Idiot OlympicsÖ there were so many good pictures Ė hereís sort of a collage. We have: 1) Sam, flicking off the camera in frustration at having to take the GED, 2) Gabe, somehow disinterested in his living-room-wrestling match with Paul, 3) Gabe, much more passionate about JD screwing up his timing during the Breaking and Entering event, and 4) Gabe and Paul, taking a break from the final tie-breaking jug-off-then-foot-race in a random park on a Tuesday night to laugh at just how fucking idiotic this all was.
- Why Johnny Canít Read. ĎNuf said. - Midgets. Captured live from Man Vs. Beast II: 4 Little People vs. a Camel in a relay race. Midgets are funny. Especially when one of them looks just like Dan Kuckel and another one looks just like Aaron Winters.

- The Pop Party cast photo. One of the finer Photoshop-compiling jobs Iíve done (not counting the picture of Noah, Noah, Brian and Kolleen)Ö as well as one of the finer dressing-up jobs my roommates have done. - And lastly, no photo montage could be complete without the funniest picture of all time: The Ugly Baby Picture (from the Ugly Baby Story at Huge Smile. At least, I think itís the funniest picture of all time. No matter what anyone else says. Also classic about this picture is that it was crafted A) While I was bored at security, B) For someone elseís college Photoshop assignment, C) In exchange for which I was to be granted the favor of being able to work at the Aura Club only one day a week, for four hours, while retaining all my membership privileges and perks. Finally, D) I love that the baby on the left looks absolutely horrified about having to share a picture with this freakish demon hell-baby.

For more ugly babies, check out the ugly baby Photoshop Contest

Gotta end on the Ugly Baby Picture. Happy New Year!



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