Cavities - 9/1/06
Second-to-last Minnesota post, as I continue to recap my eight-day trip their last week.

My mother made me go to the dentist while I was home. This is what happens when your job is running a tutoring company that you started, which doesn't even take taxes out of its paychecks, much less have a dental plan.

The last time I went to the dentist (two years ago), they found two cavities that I was too poor at the time to treat. Sadly, my dental hygiene habits haven't improved since then, so it was really anyone's guess as to how many cavities I would have this time. Early estimates ranged from "three" to "how many teeth do you have?", and my brother Alex and I finally set the over-under at 6.5.

So what do you think? Over or under?

It was actually a good line to set - I had 6 cavities. Guess I should stop eating so much raw tartar, coated in sugar.

The dentist managed to fill all six of these holes in one marathon visit. I must say, I was impressed. I'm someone who likes to make strong moves, and just saying "fuck it, let's just do all six while we're in there" definitely constitutes a strong move. It took four shots, but I felt absolutely nothing as the dentist went in there and worked like a miner for two hours while I listened to 80's rock on headphones and stared up at the fascinating ceiling-art.

I gotta give the guy props. I don't think his hands stopped moving for the whole two hours. I also think he must have put about a pound of fillings and ultra-violet glue in my mouth during that time.



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