Totalling Totals - 9/3/06
Last Minnesota post, as it's been almost a week now since I've been backů

My friend Sean, of Musical fame, has had two cars totaled in the past six months, the second of which occurred while I was home last week. Miraculously, he was not within 50 feet of the car each time it was totaled.

In March, Sean came out of his house one morning to find his car in a crumpled heap on the curb, where it had been smashed into by a drunk driver in a cop chase. Sadly, the only other car damaged in the incident (besides the drunk driver's) was Sean's roommates.

And last week, during a typical summer Minnesota storm, Sean's car was bombarded with softball-sized hail that was falling in the suburb where he was giving music lessons. He could do nothing but watch helplessly out the window as his car was smashed silly by rocketing rocks of ice.

The mechanic who looked at the car said Sean could not have done more damage to the car if he had taken a hammer to it.

After Sean recounted these stories over one of the many wedding dinners, he looked to all of us for a response. I told him to stay away from my car.

Then I thought about it.

"Actually, check that," I corrected. "Sean, stay near my car.



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