Three Year Coincidence: Imposter, RIP - 9/9/06
For those who haven't noticed the links above (I'm not sure how you couldn't have noticed; they're pretty heavy-handed), I've been posting on my Myspace blog about stories from the Roadtrip I took around the country three years ago. Always a fan of symmetry, I started posting exactly three years after I began the trip, and will finish posting, sometime this week, exactly three years after I finished. Today, I learned of another temporal link.

My youngest brother Alex, of the How We Almost Got Arrested For Being Child Molesters In Connecticut" story, is currently finishing his move to Los Angeles. To accomplish this, me and my dad have been driving our family's black Ford Taurus, known us as The Imposter (also of said story fame), across the country.

Yesterday, I posted about how the Spacemobile broke down in Montana. Yesterday, the Imposter broke down in Utah.

At the time, I rented a car to complete my tour of the country and eventually make it to LA - another Ford Taurus. Today, Dad and Alex also rented a car. Although I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Spacemobile.

The sad different between these stories is that, though the Spacemobile survived its breakdown to ride again, the Imposter did not. The Imposter, the car that got me through thirty states and countless adventure, is dead. My Dad and brother left in Utah for a rental car company to scrap, and pushed on without it.

The car that had only a few more states to go before it completed the circuit... will never see those states. I, for one, am deeply saddened. I'd like to take this opportunity to take a moment of silence for a great car.


Now, in the words I hauntingly posted just a few days ago...

Long live the Imposter.



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