Warranty - 9/12/06
Speaking of car-related mishaps, I recently took the Civic in to get looked at for a slow-leak tire and a squeaky wheel. The squeaking wasn't so much the problem - just a minor annoyance - but I figured having four full tires on the road rather than three might add stability or something.

The squeak turned out to be a bigger deal than expected. Apparently the right brakes weren't working right, and in a few more weeks I might have had no choice as to whether or not I was running stop signs. But we got it early, and since the Civic still had two years left on its bumper-to-bumper warranty, I figured it'd be no problem to have them fix it for free, right?

Wrong. It ended up costing me $190 to fix. According to the good people at Honda, brakes are not covered by my "bumper-to-bumper" warranty.

Um... really? Last I checked, the brakes were located squarely between the bumpers. If this is the case, what exactly IS covered by bumper-to-bumper? Are the bumpers covered? Or is it some kind of a less-than-but-not-equal-to, soft-bracket type of situation?


Sorry for the gratuitous math joke, but I stand by it.

How are brakes not covered by a complete warranty!? Aren't brakes like the first thing you'd put on the list? Of all the parts I don't want crapping out on me in my car, the brakes are probably number one, even ahead of the steering wheel. If my steering wheel came of in my hands as I sped down the highway, at least I could stop, and maybe have everyone in the car lean to one side to drift off the road. But the brakes?

I think they were insinuating that I might have used the brakes too hard, and warn them out ahead of schedule. Umů how exactly am I supposed to use my brakes, besides braking with them? I haven't been doing any crash tests, I promise. And anyway, how did just one brake wear out? I mean, I've been doing a lot of Mario Kart-style jump-stops lately, but you think the pad would hang in there for longer than a year.

Oh, and the slow-leak tire? There was a nail in it. And not only are nails not covered by f(Warranty), they couldn't even fix it at the Honda dealership. I have to take it somewhere else.

'Somewhere else" is probably where I'll be taking the Civic from now on, by the way... should any other obscure, non-warranty covered problems, occur.



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