Reno - 9/25/06
This weekend Gabe and I took on Reno for the Northwestern/Nevada football game, joined by four other college friends. Unfortunately, the Wildcats were overrun by the Nevada offense, and we were overrun by the blackjack tables. Reno was also overrun by bikers - the annual "Street Vibrations" motorcycle festival was in town.

Now, Reno isn't exactly Paris in the first place. To put things in perspective, the Harrah's hotel in Las Vegas is about the 30th classiest hotel, in a town not exactly known for its class. The Harrah's hotel in Reno runs right about at the same level… except that it's the third nicest hotel in town. We passed a wedding chapel on the "Reno strip", and all I could feel was an overwhelming sense of sadness. C'mon, you can't even spring for Vegas?

And if there's one thing that could take Reno to the next level, it's 10,000 bikers. Gabe and I made a bet the first day, regarding the over-under on Amercian-flag-based apparel items we'd see. We set it at six, and I took the under… and lasted about five minutes once we made it to the street festival. We then transitioned the contest to compare the number of American-flag-based apparel items we'd see, compared to how many females at an attractiveness level higher than a five… and the flags won by a landslide.

Don't get me wrong - I love bikers. They're amazingly nice people, and really embody a sense of freedom that I appreciate. They just aren't exactly Esquire material. Gabe and I stood out tremendously in the street fair, wearing our khakis and plain t-shirts - ironically, was made us conspicuous was our decidedly INconspicuous clothing.



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