Godmother - 9/28/06
Contrasting abruptly with my last post about ridiculous giant blueberries...

My Godmother passed away Friday. I post this not to garner sympathy, but rather to simply cast a memory for a wonderful woman.

Many people have Godmothers - few really know what the title means. They think of wand-toting, fairy-winged old ladies, granting wishes. Or perhaps of Marlon Brando's wife. But the concept was created for a reason - to give growing people a spiritual guide in a confusing world.

That was what Terry was for me - somebody who was there, not to push religion, but simply to advise. To teach. And to listen. And I knew that whatever I said or chose to believe, she's understand. Because if God is about love, than that should always come first.

So everybody put down their wands for a second and give a shoutout to a fantastic lady. And think of your Godmother, if you have one.



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