Our New Website - 10/16/06
If my posts have seemed half-assed lately, it's because I've been devoting a huge amount of creative energy toward Sam's and my (and friends Jake, Dan and Gabe) new website, pandasmash.com. I'm happy to announce that it's finally ready to go.

It's an original comedy video (and other media) website - stuff that we've written and shot and spend hundreds and hundreds of hours editing. I try to keep my face off the screen as much as possible, though I do allow my 10% meat-head side to come out in a character called Hat Guy, in the flagship show IdiOlympics. Rumor has it I cause almost $200 worth of damage in the first episode alone.

So yeah. Check it out. If you like some of the videos, send 'em around. But not because I wanted you to - just do it if they're funny.

We'll have something new up every day for the first two weeks, and pretty close to that after that. I'll link some of the videos from here from time to time, and I promise to start posting more/better.



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