Dickies - 10/20/06
The other night I was almost denied entrance to a bar because of my pants.

As I approached in what I considered normal, inoffensive pants, I was stopped by the bouncer who demanded I pull up my shirt and show him what kind of pants I was wearing. For some reason I just went along with this, but I did ask him why. He replied that there'd been a lot of gang activity lately around the bars surrounding the wearing of a certain brand of pants. I asked him what kind of pants, and he said Dickies.

Fortunately, I was not wearing Dickies - I was wearing my trademark Dockers (over really terrible tennis shoes), and so I was allowed in. But I couldn't help but thinking - Dickies? The last time I owned a pair of Dickies, they were work pants I bought for a summer of painting houses because I didn't mind getting primer on them.

Is this what's replacing dew rags and bandanas these days? Maybe it's just me, but you'd think gangs would pick something a little more gangster than something called "Dickies". Also, it's not exactly a stand-out type of clothing. If the bouncer couldn't tell the different between Dickies and my pair of Dockers, what makes him think gang members would be able to discern each other in a dark bar? Maybe he should be more on the lookout for guys carrying guns.

Not to mention the fact that I look about as far as a gangster as possible. Maybe the bouncer just wanted to check out my ass.



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