Voicemail auditions - 10/25/06
I've been working on a short audio sketch for Pandasmash, and today I discovered I needed a female voice actor.

Now I know several talented actresses out here in LA, most of whom I'm sure would be pleased to lend their abilities. But I needed a very particular voice for the part. And besides, getting somebody I know wouldn't be that much of an adventure. So tonight I posted the following on Craigslist:

Maybe the Easiest Paid Voiceover Gig You'll Ever Do...

Seeking adult voice actress with good comedic timing who can sound like the women who does every voice mail recording.

We're a new sketch comedy website (www.pandasmash.com) doing a 45-second audio sketch we need a voiceover for. It's so simple that we've posted the script below.

Here's all you have to do.

1) AUDITION BY PHONE! Call 310-529-XXXX between 10/24 and 10/28, say your name and number, and then READ THE BELOW SCRIPT. It's supposed to be an automated voicemail message, so give it your funniest read based on that. Please limit yourself to one take (mailbox space is limited). That's it. That's the audition. If the mailbox is full, please call back - we'll be emptying it frequently.
2) If we like it, we'll call you back within a couple days to schedule a time to record. We work out of Redondo Beach, so it's probably best if you're within reasonable distance of there.
3) The recording session will only take long enough for you to give us a couple takes. We'll pay you $40 right there for your work, and you'll be credited on the site.

This is no joke - check out www.pandasmash.com if you want to see some of our other stuff. We've also produced theatre at the Santa Monica Playhouse.

That's it. Quick work, easy money… and you don't even have to drive anywhere unless you book it. What could be better than that?

Email questions to paul@pandasmash.com. Please do not call the above number with questions - that's for auditions only.

Paul Jury
Content Director

OK here's the script:

(and the script was attached)

Tomorrow, we see what happens. Last time I held an audition for a straight-forward female role, 286 women signed up within a week.



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