This Past Weekend's Schedule: - 7/20/07
7:55am – Awake on 4 hours sleep after a late-night poker/drinking party to go surfing with Gabe.
8:10am – Gabe actually wakes up.
8:25am – Arrive on the beach to cram in a quick hour of surfing before…
9:30am - …the monthly Hermosa Beach football tournament starts up. Sun block is reapplied.
9:45am – First jello-shot is taken.
10:15am – Games begin with a close loss in our first game.
12:45pm – Sixth jello-shot is taken.
1:45pm – Sixth game of football is completed. We get knocked out of the tournament but I get a coupon for a free pitcher of beer for cleaning up come cones.
2:30pm – Tournament ends, and we all retire to the bars still covered in sand. I discover I’m not the only one with a free pitcher of beer – we all have them. It seems no one will be paying for drinks today.
6:00pm – Stumble home to find Sam trying to drink a whole six-pack of beer while watching “The Road To Wellville,” for no apparent reason. Not questioning this, I fall asleep on the floor.
8:30pm – Wake up and head to April’s for another barbeque that goes long into the night.

SUNDAY 9:30am – Wake up for an 11:00 business meeting in Santa Monica.
11:00-4:00pm – Write curriculum for on online Algebra course.
4:30 – Stop by the library to return a book.
5:00-8:00 – Get email and dinner at home, and prep for tomorrow’s SAT class.
8:30 – Continue working on Algebra curriculum long into the night.

It is the summer of the yin-yang.



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