Vegas 3 - 6/30/04
Vegas is a lot more fun when you win. Which made this trip’s +$50 a bit more enjoyable than the previous two times’ –$100 and -$200. I won at Let It Ride, lost at Black Jack, won at Poker, and lost at Craps, Kino, Roulette and Slots, although these last three only accounted for 8 dollars. Black Jack too was nearly even – we played for probably 8 hours over the course of the three days and I think I came out down about 20 bucks. And considering we were wrangling about 3 free drinks an hour… well, it was worth it. I also lost in gambling on baseball because the lousy Twins couldn’t edge out the White Sox, even though the Phillies beat the Expos for $5 in Paul’s Meaningless Lock of the Week.

The most fun had to be the Poker, though; partly because I’ve gotten OK at it during all our late night betting binges, and partly because I somehow wound up at a low-stakes beginner table. The nice thing about 12 person big-blind poker is you can play for hours and only win a couple pots to stay nicely ahead. This I did, luckily managing to stay out of powerhouse hands like this woman who beat two full houses with her four 4’s. The casino people came over and congratulated her, gave her 20 extra bucks, then made her sign something promising her soul to the hotel.

But the best hand was undoubtedly the following. Follow along if you know the game of Hold ‘Em (apologies again for the crappy pictures)

My cards.

Not too bad. A King, and suited. A few people at the table started throwing money around, but this was worth staying in for, considering the possible flush. Little did I know these odds would be decreased by:

His cards.

A guy across the table had nearly the same thing. And yet, somehow:

Lightning struck.

From the flop I was optimistic, and when the guy across the table started betting all he could, I figured he had something similar. Not to mention another guy who had two pair.

But then fourth street hit, and I knew I had him. Turns out he had the second highest hand possible, but I had the nuts, as they say - the highest. The guy and I bet until they made us stop. And needless to say he was not happy when I flipped my two. It was the most chips I'd ever amassed - too bad they were all worth a dollar.

I left Vegas having paid for my gas there and all my food. Mark left $112 down, but conveniently won 13 bucks of a fifty-cent piece I gave him from a slot machine at the airport, leaving him just under a hundred. Who says slots are weak? And who says you can't win at the airport?



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