Vegas 2 - 6/29/04
We didn't eat much in Vegas, because we were too busy drinking and gambling. But we did eat this.

I don't know who this guy is. But the monstrosity he holds in his hands is none other than the legendary Vegas Dog, a concoction of 3/4 lbs of miscellaneous animal parts on a huge bun.

Mark and I kicked off our Strip adventure by each consuming one of these. The awesome part was that for 4 dollars it came with fries and your choice of soda or beer. Um, beer please. The bad part was that with a hotdog 18 inches long and 3 inches thick, no amount of ketchup could possibly disguise the fact that it tastes like, well, hotdog. I raced through my Sequioa-dog as quickly as possible, before my stomach realized what was happening to it. Mark took more time on his collosal meat-tube, before excusing himself to basically recreate the same exact thing in the bathroom.

The sad part was I'd already eaten two corn dogs and a chili dog at an A&W on my way to Vegas. I'm pretty sure that's the most pig scrotum I've ever eaten in one day.



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