It Continues - 6/27/04
OK, this summer hasn’t been entirely devoted to liver destruction. We’ve also been doing a lot of surfing, which is also worth writing about. If only we had some kind of “surf log”.

The summer is officially one week old, and so far we’ve gone surfing 5 times, drinking 4 times, In-N-Out-ing 3 times, and poker-playing twice. We also caught a partridge from a pear tree and let it loose in the house to see who could catch it first.

In other news, mini-golf and a lots of beach football has inspired us to branching out into other obscure sports… our first kickball game is today in Santa Monica, and I’m working on starting a dodgeball league. Gabe’s efforts to start a beer-pong league are progressing, understandably, a little slower.

That’s it for today. I’m off to Vegas.



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