IT HAS BEGUN!!! - 6/25/04
What do you get when you cross a burned-out Watts teacher on summer break before law school with an unemployed writer/tutor/security guard/drifter, with too much time on their hands and nobody to say nay?

That’s what.

From what Sam has told me about last summer, apparently Gabe goes a little crazy when he doesn't have any structure in his life. Well he doesn’t, and he is, but I’m a little worried I’m going even crazier, having spent two hours and probably half an ink cartridge printing the following enormous game-poster for our ping-pong room wall. At left is the graphic from my computer pre-print – at right is what it looks like in all its mounted glory.

We also made this.

The rules are simple. Gabe is George (King Kong); I am Ralph (Wolfman). Each time we party, our corresponding monster moves up the building. Each time something gets broken, we punch a hole in the building. Each time one of us gets attacked by a helicopter, we shrink back down into a naked, cowering human. Let the wild rumpus begin.

Note the carefully Photoshopped “702” on the building’s address. And people say my four years at Northwestern were wasted.



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