Allied Chem Dry - 10/20/04
Today we had our carpet cleaned, which was a painful experience only in that we had to get up at 9am and stay out of the living room for three hours.

That being said, we should have had this done a long time ago. The improvement was, too say the very least, “dramatic”. Some might even go so far as to say “shocking.” Here’s a picture:

Anyone remember what our carpet used to look like? If you don’t remember, here’s a picture of our driveway:

It was basically like that, except softer and with more oil stains.

The Paulina Carpet Cleaning 2004 officially joins the list of Best $100 Ever Spent at 702:

1) Ping-pong table
2) Karaoke machine
3) Getting the carpet cleaned

Welcome, bronze medalist.

Offsetting this, of course, is our list of the Worst $100 Ever Spent at 702:

1)The ghetto fridge
2)The portion of subsequent months’ energy bills dedicated solely to funding the ghetto fridge
3)The floral vomit couches



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