Celebrity Chipotle - 4/27/09
I live in LA and work in what you could call the entertainment industry (if making ridiculous web videos counts), but that's generally as close as I like to get to the whole Hollywood thing. I live by the beach, don't go to trendy clubs, and as a result, don't see many celebrities. But every once in a while, Hollywood catches up with you.

I just didn't expect the place it would catch up with me would be Chipotle.

Yet that's exactly what we found one lunch when we ventured out from work over to the Beverly Hills Chipotle for some half-pound burritos and unlimited fountain drinks. After waiting in the huge line (all Chipotles are always crowded, especially in Beverly Hills), we got our food and found an open seat next to a good-looking, short-haired athletic guy and his friend. Turns out it was David Beckham, the soccer player, though I didn't recognize him at first as I'm more of a cricket guy. But soon every female in the restaurant between the ages of 13 and 50 was giggling quietly, and it became apparent we were sitting next to the soccer and pop culture legend, calmly eating a barbacoa and chatting away with his friend.

A few minutes passed when suddenly a stylish black teenager came up out of nowhere, fist-bumped with Beckham and started gabbing it up with him. This was Lil' Romeo, who was also in the Chipotle, and knew apparently Beckham, probably from some club they both go to, for famous people. While I munched my shredded beef next to them, Beckham and Lil' Romeo discussed life in Los Angeles and college sports (apparently Lil Romeo, a rapper, had just secured an athletic scholarship to USC, partly because I guess he's decent at basketball, but moreso because he's friends with some kid who's amazing at basketball but would only go to USC if Lil' Romeo did. It's a long and strange story), while all the teenage girls in the restaurant continued to giggle and text their friends.

We finished our food, and were starting to feel crowded in by the drooling throng, so we headed out. But not before passing Henry Winkler, on his way in to get a burrito bowl.

Oh, and on the way back to the car, we passed this possum, dead on the hood of somebody's car.

The possum wasn't famous or anything I just thought it was weird.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Los Angeles.



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