Johnny Green's Visit (part 2) - 10/3/04
Having checked off my three main activity goals for Johnny Green’s visit – Beer & Pizza, Surfing and 40’s – we mixed it up today with a little evening poker at a bar in Manhattan Beach where they have a weekly Hold ‘Em tournament for a $50 gift certificate to the bar. What better way is there to spend the Sabboth? Johnny and I went, accompanied by Jeremy 2, and though none of us won the certificate, I did have a funny realization that I had assumed a role I’d never had before.

I was Johnny Green’s sugar daddy.

As mentioned, Johnny showed up with $14 in his wallet and no money freeing up in his accounts until Tuesday (I didn’t ask why). As a result, I ended up paying for basically everything, with the understanding that he would, at some point, reimburse me. This gave me the opportunity, to use the expression, to “throw money around like a pimp,” since I knew I was only really spending half of it. It also gave Johnny the opportunity to have a pimp. I paid for his food. I paid for parking. As a law firm tech consultant, Johnny makes way more money than me; but this weekend I even paid for his long distance phone calls.

So when Johnny went out before I did in Sunday’s poker tournament (Pokerbot be damned), he had no where else to turn for entertainment funding. When he approached me, I happened to be wearing rather nice clothes, since I was heading to security afterwards – whereas Johnny, heading to bed afterwards, was rather scruffed up. So up to our Hold ‘Em table he wanders, unshaven and dejected, and taps the shoulder of my collared business shirt:

JOHNNY: Um, Jury, I got knocked out already. Can I borrow some money to go downstairs?
JURY: For beer? Yeah, OK… how much you need?
JOHNNY: I dunno, whatever you got to spare, I guess.
JURY: (pulls out a twenty) Here’s twenty. You think that’ll be enough?
JOHNNY: Yeah, I think so. That’s great. Thanks.
JURY: No problem. Just drink conservatively, OK? That’s all I can give you.
JOHNNY: OK, thanks.
(Johnny leaves, and Jury turns back to the table to find everyone staring at him like Johnny was his retarded homeless brother or something)

I didn’t mean to sound bad, I was just in the middle of a poker game.



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