September's Best Search Hits/Visitors... - 9/28/04
The following are the funniest things people typed into search engines and found Paul's Pond during the month of September:

- kangaroo morph wearing shirt
- madison Wisconisin bad place
- deformed midgets
- C'est Cheese NH
- WWII naked sailor
- how men shop

Are any of these good good enough to make it to the best-of sidebar? I dunno, "kangaroo morph wearing shirt" is pretty solid.

I'll keep posting these.

In other news, Nathan's in town, and had some good insights on Gabe and I's skunking adventure earlier this summer. He should; after all he's a founding skunker. The conversation in my van on the way to get Sam from the airport went something like:

PAUL: I, being the novice skunker of the two, just wanted to run right in and hit the skunk with the beer can from close range.
NATHAN: Probably not the best idea.
PAUL: I realize.
GABE: I had to hold him back!
NATHAN: Yeah, you're really playing to the skunk's strengths when you do that. You're putting yourself right where he wants you.
GABE: Right in his wheel-house.
NATHAN: The skunk's big disadvantage is his inability to throw things, for example beer cans. You're really tossing that right out the door when you just run at him.
PAUL: I realize.
GABE: So I lobbed one in from long range and scared him into spraying the neighbors' door.
NATHAN: See now that's a better tactic.
PAUL: Then I ran in and skipped a beer can right into him!
NATHAN: Did you get sprayed?
PAUL: No, he was too busy unloading on the yard-gnome.
NATHAN: Huh. Well, risky, but the scoreboard doesn't lie.

We also went surfing and Nathan suffered a wardrobe malfunction than nearly cost him his recently-bought Clothes-4-Less swim trunks, and everyone else on the beach their dignity.

This weekend Verde's coming to town. Now that'll be some real ruckus.



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