More on the Gordita vs. Chalupa Showdown - 9/20/04
...because obviously everyone wants to hear more about that.

No, seriously. I didn't give it the coverage it deserved. Kolleen and I may have had a kick-ass time Spacemobiling it down to Costa Mesa and discussing inappropriate topics during the intermission of Rent, but the pinnacle of the night was definitely the Mexican food showdown.

This is something I've been meaning to do for years. I always get Chalupas and Gorditas when I go to T-Bell, but I'd never officially declared which was better. Clearly, that couldn't continue. Some closure needed to be had. And now we have a winner. I might have to give Gordita a rematch, though. I just don't think he was at the top of his game today.

See, what's so surprising about Chalupa winning is that Chalupa was a big underdog in this contest. I've eaten many a Chalupa and many a Gordita in my day, and I've always thought that the soft, fluffy white-corn-meal crust of the Gordito was superior to the golden brown wrap exterior of the Chalupa. The inner ingredients are very similar, but I thought Gordito pulled ahead a little in that category too.

But Saturday something was different. The Gordita wrap fell a little flat, while the crisp, wheat-field crunch of Chalupa satisfied right down to the last bite. There was a slight sour cream imbalance in the Gordita, while the delectable, steak-filled harmony of the Chalupa had been crafted to perfection by the tender, caring fingers of some machine in the back. I'm not made of stone. I can't resist that kind of delicious.

Some might say that Chalupa just wanted it more. Others would say that to say that would be cliché. But I would simply say that sometimes, a great competitor goes out and has a great day, and proves what he's made of. Even if it's just flour and beef.

Why these two challengers? Why weren't other yummy pseudo-Mexican treats allowed in the competition? Everyone knows that nothing else on the menu comes close. But I'm open to suggestions. If anyone's willing to email me another challenger, I'm willing to have another showdown. Just as I'm willing to make Chalupa vs. Gordita 2004 a best-of-three tournament.

Because honestly, it's just such a goddamn tasty contest.



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