Musical Theater and T-Bell - 9/19/04
There’s a picture on my camera right now of roommate Brian asleep on our ping-pong table after our party Friday. One more reason the four of us needed a good day of “drying out”.

Saturday night, I violated my usual tradition of consuming beers and staying up until 4am. But I did maintain an even more important tradition: doing things that have no business being done together.

The Broadway hit “Rent” was wrapping up its run in Orange Country this weekend, and this is a show I’ve been meaning to see since friend/composer Wesche and I wrote that musical a year ago about an Employment Agency in Maine. Now, I’ve already been to two musicals by myself this year, and to make it a third would be to officially kiss away the last shred of my heterosexuality. But OC is far away for a rendezvous, and musicals can be expensive, especially with dinner beforehand. So instead of taking a hot date, I decided I'd take Kolleen.

Damn Kolleen, you just got ‘moted.

Anyway, we decided that as long as we were going to get all dressed up and drive to the OC, we obviously had to eat at Taco Bell. Obviously.

The adorable couple, all ready to go out the door to prom. Paul forgot to bring the corsage, but parents Noah and Brian (not shown) proudly photographed their all-grown-up kids just the same.
T-Bell. Kolleen had her usual multi-layer burrito and Diet Coke. Since it was our special night, however, I pulled out all the stops and finally held the much-anticipated Gordito vs. Chalupa showdown, to determine once and for all which is the tastiest Taco Bell treat. Amazingly, Chalupa triumphed. No one saw it coming.

No pictures at the theatre, because I was too lazy to bring my camera inside.

It was a good night. The van behaved itself on the 40 mile commute. T-Bell was everything we'd hoped it would be, and more. Nobody fell asleep on any Ping-pong tables.

Oh yeah, and Rent was good, too.



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