One Year Anniversary - 9/15/04
It's been a year now in Los Angeles. Or close to Los Angeles, at least. A chance to take stock.

EMPLOYMENT - I came here with sixty-thousand dollars of debt and no job. I currently have 6 jobs. Check.

FITNESS - I ran a marathon, did a triathlon, and worked at a health club. And have a cheap plaque, a cheap medallion, and a cheap W2 to prove it. Check.

SOCIAL - Well, I just walked in the door from the Hermosa Pier with new roommates, South Bay friends and several post-beach-football-first-round-of-playoffs-loss pitchers. Um... check.

WRITING - Had an agent... lost an agent. Wrote a funny, intelligent comedy with Sam. It hasn't sold. Currently racing him to see who can faster write a funny, stupid comedy. OK, Jury's still out on that one.

Overall, good times. Good year.



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