Stripfest - 9/11/04
Tonight we held our first annual (and let's all pray there will more) Stripper Party. The whole idea germinated one Thursday night at a bar with new pals Mary, Brian 2 and Julie, when we decided it would be pretty funny to have a costume party where everybody is dressed as a stripper who hasn't stripped yet. It turns out both Mary and I are cursed with the inability to have an idea and then not make it happen, so five weeks later there we were, all mostly naked and dressed in ridiculous things. I was a WWII Sailor. Mary was a dominatrix. Julie and Brian 2 were a Construction Worker and some kind of Sex-Referee, not necessarily in that order. Roommate Brian (Brian 1) was a Gay Cake.

It was all pretty hilarious. The Spacemobile rolled up and unloaded the entire ensemble of the Village People, plus one guy dressed as a Muff Diver. Don't ask. Brian 1 brought four girl friends all dressed as Culinary Temptresses, which may or may not have later led to some red-hot "Chef on Chef" action. Noah finally enacted his dream of going an entire party without a shirt on. There was also lots of making out and some actual stripping.

Brian 1 culminated the evening by winning the costume contest, earning a sweet Martini glass set for the house by dressing as a naked stripper jumping out of a cake, a costume which involved several painted pink packing boxes strapped to him via suspenders. He was given a good run by the Pizza Delivery Boy, but when the DJ dubbed Brian a "Gay Cake" he developed such a following that the applause-o-meter cracked. I didn't know confections had sexual preferences, but if there was ever a homosexual pastry, he was it.

The Old Crew (left to right): Josh, Gabe {asleep), Lindsey, Sam, Jeremy 2, Me, April



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